Getting a PAN card

Posted by: Pawan kumar Neelam

PAN means Permanent Account Number. Being an Indian citizen you need it for filing your tax returns, and mandatory for any high value financial transaction, in equity market and In many cases can be used as Identity card.

  1. There are 3 ways to get a PAN card – Firstly one can contact any agent (mostly he is the person who handle your tax related matters) Secondly one apply for PAN card online and pay the amount online thru credit card, Demand Draft or thru Cheque and third-way is do it traditional way i.e. fill the form yourself and submit it.
  2. If you decide on applying for pan card online then this site should help you for the same. There you can find how to apply for new PAN, reprint of PAN card, Correction in PAN details, Status track for PAN application
  3. Thirdly if you want to fill the application yourself and submit it then next few suggestion should be helpful for you – Firstly you need to get the PAN application form i.e. FORM49A One can get it form any income Tax department, IT services department, or any INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT i.e. any UTIISL centers which are sub centers been outsourced by the IT department. OR one can download the form here.
  4. The Main points one should keep in mind while filling up the IT form is it should be filled in capitals, as a proof one should attach Proof of Identity i.e. any identification proof having photo and is authorized. For that you can attach Drivers License photo copy, college ID, or work ID. Then you have to attach photocopy of any address proof like ration card, Telephone/electricity bill in your name. And two photographs.
  5. One will also need to write ward number/range/income tax assessing officer number (which you can find from the copy of the acknowledgement of the last return filed.) If you do not have that, you will have to ask your income tax department in your city, and they will give you the ward number on the form. This site may help you for further assistance.
  6. After filling the form hardest part is finding the office where to fill the form. Not all the IT offices accept the forms. I am attaching the following link which should help you locate the nearest IT Service Center near your city.

One thing you should bear in mind if you happen to submit the FORM49A at any IT Service Center run by UTIISL then you need to buy the forms from there itself as those form have a serial numbers and they wont accept any forms which does not have their series number printed on them. All forms downloaded does not have the series number.

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